Vaporized Opportunities

By Morten Nilsen, AWS and Docker Certified — June 20, 2018

Is your business in danger of being vaporized by new technologies?

Even if there’s no chance of your product becoming obsolete, or the services you provide being automated, your business may still become a victim.

Boomer Digital sent a delegation to this years DockerCon conference in San Francisco. And one of the keynote speakers was Robert Tercek, an author with incredible insight into this development. We borrowed his book title “Vaporized” for the theme of this blog post.

You may have a cutting edge product or service, and be at the top of your industry, but if you operate on antiquated IT infrastructure, and you use applications from yesterday, you are already falling behind.

In today's world, where any information, service, or product is available in an instant, people have lost what patience they may have had. If a customer comes to your homepage and finds a “down for maintenance” message, chances are high you will lose that business. Customer loyalty is a bit of a relic, and if their first choice is unavailable, a competitor's offering will become the new normal. It doesn’t even take an outage for them to move on: If your site is slow, unresponsive, or just not formatted properly for the device they use, they will look for an alternative.

Companies that see this development as a threat have already lost. This is a tsunami that will not wait for anyone to catch up.

The executive team at Boomer Digital saw very early on the value of decoupling services, instead leveraging containers and the cloud to provide highly redundant and available solutions for our e-commerce clients.

This development of new tools to provide an even better service to our clients is happening at an incredible pace. Our team of DevOps engineers are constantly reviewing and testing new solutions to stay ahead of the curve. When we find something that may significantly improve our clients ability to serve their customers, we make a detailed report and support the business case for doing so, and plan for how it should be implemented.

This allows our clients to focus on what they do best - their business! They sleep well at night knowing that we have their backs, and that we will make sure that their applications are available and ready to handle whatever the future may bring.

An interesting example, and one notoriously slow to adapt to new technologies, is the financial industry. This is in part due industry specific circumstances, like strict regulations. They are fearful of implementing new technologies as they don’t know how to manage compliance requirements. Another thing holding them back is large investments already made in their current infrastructure. Some companies have large internal teams managing their resources, and such teams are notorious for holding back change. They may fear that their jobs may become obsolete, or they want to maintain the status quo because they are comfortable working on the existing framework and infrastructure. This attitude may have had some business impact in the past, but in today's environment it may foreshadow the death of the company.

Here, we specialize in custom solutions that will result in the best possible utilization of our clients' resources and time. We’ve successfully applied our experience from e-commerce to other industries, and assist companies in selecting solutions that fit their needs when it comes to compliance with industry regulations, data retention, asset utilization, failover and availability.

The truth is that containers and cloud platforms are so adaptable that they are perfect for hybrid solutions, allowing companies to utilize existing infrastructure until they reach their end of life. By implementing a hybrid solution now, your company will be able to gradually prepare for the future. You can now make sure that your applications are highly available, redundant, and quickly recoverable if existing resources fail. Seamless failover enables your company to keep utilizing existing infrastructure until they reach their end of life without disrupting the service. This makes it an easy sell to CFOs. Waiting until existing infrastructure reaches end of life will result in a much harder switch, with elevated risk of failure and the selection of rushed and temporary fixes. The damage to a company’s reputation due to failure may not be repairable.

Boomer Digital puts a strong focus on working with every client to satisfy their needs, both in the immediate circumstance and for the future, while maintaining efficient solutions that allow maximum use of resources.

In our next post, we'll highlight some of the key capabilities of our service offerings. Stay tuned, or give us a shout if you think it may be time to explore this for your company.