Solidus Saves the Day: Amazon Webstores Closure

Daniel Honig, Martin Tomov, Allison Reilly — May 23, 2017

#Solidus technology has scored another great victory in the launch of TeeShirtPalace’s new store. is an online retailer of custom printed merchandise, including of course, t-shirts. TeeShirtPalace was originally built around Amazon’s Webstore platform, but with the announced closure of Webstore in 2015, the founders had to find a way to migrate the store in a way that would be sustainable and growth oriented. Jeremy, Mason, and Nolan Katty, the three brothers who founded and maintain TSP, thought their next step might be with Solidus, and contacted us. In conjunction with the TSP team, we were able to put together a cohesive plan to re-platform on Solidus.

Though TeeShirtPalace’s merchandise is often fun and comical, the work of architecting and rebuilding TeeShirtPalace was no laughing matter. Due to TSP’s business model and on-demand product offerings, we had to architect a solution that would support:

- Ability to manage a catalog with millions of existing SKUS

- Optimization for SEO

- Integration with Shipstation

- Integration with Amazon Marketplace

- A clean, fast UX that draws users into the store

- Ability to scale rapidly

- Support of custom analytics infrastructure without slowing down the UX or backend

With a looming deadline in sight due to Webstores impending closure, our team fully committed to expediting the build using our Agile methodology. In a little more than four months, we successfully migrated TSP from Amazon’s Webstore into their new, optimized Solidus platform. With the new platform, the TSP team has gained increased control over their analytics, product offerings, and most importantly, have been able to increase traffic and drive sales on their site exponentially. This allows TSP to devote time and resources where they need to most: quality, customer service, and business growth; and allows us to be a trusted technology and development partner committed to their success.

Keys to Success with Solidus: What allowed us to achieve excellent time to market and overall success?

- Flexible checkout system that is easily customized to handle any business process

- Robust product model that could be mixed with custom elements to manage designs and products together

- Committed community and ecosystem of well maintained extensions supported by thousands of contributors

- Powerful content management capabilities due to tight integration with Alchemy CMS

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