Solidus Gems

Boomer Digital — May 17, 2017

At Boomer Digital, we’ve been involved with the Spree/Solidus community since the very early days. Having delivered dozens of Spree and Solidus projects over the past years, we are acutely aware of the importance of having a robust ecosystem of quality extensions. Too often extensions are written to solve a particular need and then quickly rot into obsolescence.

We are very happy about the great work the community has done to address the need for quality extensions, such as the investment in the Travis CI build system and dashboard. This is a great resource that was missing in the Spree days.

We saw an opportunity to give back to the community and have taken a select number of extensions under our care -- meaning we officially support these gems with dedicated developer resources day in and day out. If there’s ever an issue with a gem we support, someone from our team will respond to your issues posted on Github in a reasonable timeframe. If you have questions about one of these extensions or have a suggestion for one you would like us to support, please drop us a line at It is always great to connect with the community and learn how people are using the Spree/Solidus platform. We look forward to seeing everyone at Solidus Conference next week in London!


A tax calculation extension that integrates Avatax with Solidus. has officially partnered with Avalara on this important extension for the Solidus community. We provide the only officially certified Avalara extension for Solidus. Support for this GEM is an everyday priority for us and you can typically expect a rapid response to your inquiries as a result.


Enables multiple wishlists per user, as well as managing those as public (sharable) and private.


An extension that gives an admin the ability to create custom roles for their employees to restrict or allow access to certain sections in the admin panel.


Enables you to send the product reference to your friend via email.


Adds the ability to use Pay with Amazon in check out.


Extension that integrates ShipStation with Solidus. It enables ShipStation to pull shipments from the system and update tracking numbers.


An extension that makes creating product options and customizations easy.

It allows the admin to create multiple product options without having to create a variant for each combination, allows ability to create product customizations (e.g. custom image, engraving text, price per area)